Leasing Options

AEL offers multiple equipment leasing programs to facilitate your company in acquiring its equipment with the best in innovative financing solutions, matching your needs with our resources. Our lease options are fully negotiable – we encourage you to discover the leasing plan that is perfect for you, and we believe that you will. A good leasing contract can be hard to find, but it doesn’t need to be, not with AEL. Our leasing options include:

Lease Purchase ($ buy-out/ Often known as a Capital Lease)

To purchase your equipment, your Lease Purchase agreement will include a nominal charge – traditionally of $100 – to be paid at the end of the lease term.

You make this possible by creating equity in the equipment, retaining the right to sell the equipment at the end of the lease or to trade it in for an upgrade. AEL can provide your company with advice, leasing solutions, and services at any time throughout your dealings with your leased equipment.

The Lease Purchase option is the best choice for any company looking to maintain possession of their equipment following the end of their lease agreement. To discuss obtaining a lease purchase agreement or to learn more, explore our site or go to ‘contact us’ to discuss your options with one of our well-qualified agents.

Operating Lease (with fair-market-value buy-out)
With this choice, AEL offers equipment purchase at the end of the lease for its then fair-market value; continue leasing the equipment based on its fair-market-value, or return the equipment. This program is suited best for providing equipment that requires regular updates or upgrades – including equipment such as computers, electronics, office equipment, and other such progressive technologies that tend to go out of date quickly.

Bottom-line: An operating lease offers a lower term payment than a lease purchase, requiring higher costs at the end of the lease period. For your protection, unless otherwise specified in your agreement, there is a cap on the fair-market-value at 10% of the original cost of the equipment.

For Start-ups – Venture Leases
If you have a start-up company with enough accessible cash and venture capital backing to justify the projections offered in its business plan, AEL provides venture leases, including 100% financing plans. Through our flexible financing techniques, using your existing capital and assets as leverage, Rubix Financial Solutions knows how to provide a structured lease agreement that matches your start-up leasing needs.

No venture capital investor? AEL can usually structure a lease partially collateralized by cash or marketable securities. With AEL you can

-Adjust your financing by stepping them up, or stepping them down.

-Add seasonal payment options to your financing program

-Defer your payments

Being able to add to or upgrade your financing at any point through add-on leases or master leases allows your company to maintain control over your leased equipment. Restructuring your financing can be an excellent option in the event that your company anticipates growth. This option can be written into your lease program. You also have the option to request installation, maintenance and other services, if needed. Businesses that produce revenue according to fluctuating trends require specialized services in their financing programs – AEL understands this. When the equipment being used is for a project that won’t generate revenue for a short period of time, possibly three to six months, payments can be deferred. Leases are typically structured so that the initial months have nominal or no payments.

Lease equipment with AEL and save. Leasing is an excellent choice for most because, as most are aware, leasing offers many advantages over other types of financing. These businesses lease equipment because they know that leasing offers numerous advantages over other types of financing. These advantages include increased flexibility, customizable support and reporting, balance sheet management, tax deductions, improved asset management, increased cash flow, write-offs, convenient end of term options, easier upgrades, and the fastest processing industry has to offer. At AEL, we have helped thousands lease the equipment they need to succeed. Our quality-trained, experienced professionals can help you today!