Tips to Handle an Emergency Garage Door Situation

We all know that uncertainty is a part of life. An emergency can strike at any moment. Parts of your garage door are subject to wear and tear. As a result, your garage door may fail to shut or open when you least expect it to. Dialing a garage door installation company in Kanata may not always be feasible, especially at odd hours. Let us discuss ways to handle an emergency garage door situation.

  • Do not panic

This is the first and most important step. Panicking will only worsen your situation and nothing productive can be done. To be able to think clearly, first take a deep breath! And do not panic. Also, do not try to correct it by yourself. This could prove to be risky. Your garage doors are probably one of the largest moving objects in your house. They weigh about 400 lbs. You are just one misstep away from gravely injuring yourself.

In the years between 1990 and 2005, around 60% of injuries from a garage door involved fingers or limbs getting cut, says a Canadian report. Some incidents even involved the garage doors getting slammed on a person. Hopefully, these statistics scare you enough to not try putting yourself in a risky situation.

  • Assess the problem

Try to find out what the problem could be. There are a few common problems that can quickly become dangerous. An off-track door, dead batteries in a door opener, a misalignment of the photocell, broken springs is a few common issues.

Of these, a broken spring is the most common. When the spring reaches its expiry date, it breaks, and the door cannot be opened. Notice the sounds your door makes while opening and closing. If you feel you have a broken spring, do not use the garage until you get professional help to fix it.

  • Call the door company to fix the issue

For your own safety and a proper solution for your damaged door, it is always a better idea to call up your garage door installation company in Kanata. If they are available at all hours of the day, good. If not, park your car outside and wait until a professional arrives to check what should be done. You may even call them up for a safety inspection and general maintenance.

Most companies would want to give their customers a good assistance service, provided the risk involved in DIY emergency repairs carried out by untrained individuals. So, they will be available to help you at any hour of the day.

  • Perform regular maintenance

Yes, garage doors come with a few years of warranty. For better quality and longevity, one needs to regularly maintain their garage doors. Every few months, lubricate the moving parts of the door. Do not wait until the system completely shuts down. Repair or replace the parts as and when they start showing signs of wear and tear. This way, you can avoid major repairs in the future. You can also use the doors for a longer period of time. Apart from the maintenance you perform, call your garage door installation company in Kanata for a regular safety inspection.

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